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“On July 9, 2015, I had a breast reduction. This kind of surgery is frightening on a number of levels, and I knew that I would have to trust the surgeon. To say the least, I was very nervous. Dr. Shell and his staff were both supportive and encouraging through the entire process.

I have had tremendous neck pain for over four years. I also had very poor posture, insecurity issues and indentation on my shoulders from my bra straps. Several doctors suggested back or neck surgery, but they said I was too young for the procedure as it would limit movement. One doctor did mention that a breast reduction would take pressure off of my neck and shoulders. I was thrilled that I might get some relief, but also scared about permanently altering my body. During my first consultation with Dr. Shell, I was quickly put at ease, and I realized that my quality of life might be about to change. The surgery ended up being the best decision I have ever made. I am now three months out from surgery and my neck pain has vanished. I can wear things that I never thought I would be able to wear! My self-confidence is so much better and I stand straight and tall. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I want to thank Dr. Shell and his staff from the bottom of my heart. They walked me through this, minimized my fears, and provided me with a pain-free future.” July 2015

“I was so very happy with the results of my breast reduction surgery.  Dr. Shell did a great, great job!” June 2012

“I would like to thank Dr. Shell for the wonderful job he has done on my tummy tuck. My stomach is as flat as it was before I ever had my children, and it continues to get even better with each passing week. He is a fine Christian doctor that anyone should feel comfortable going to for a consultation and surgery. His staff welcomes you with a very personable caring atmosphere and truly cares about you as a person and patient. I would like to recommend Dr. Shell as a fine surgeon.  I have so many friends that did not know that Oxford even had a wonderful plastic surgeon. No more trips to Memphis when this great doctor is right here!!!! I look forward to many years ahead with Dr. Shell, and now I no longer have to fear about growing old.”  June 2012

“I would like to thank the staff at Shell Plastic Surgery and Dr. Shell for the outstanding work performed for me.”  April 2012

“My aunt had breast surgery as an outpatient in February 2012.  Since having surgery, she has had three post-op office visits with Dr. Shell.  The staff and Dr. Shell are great!  The office staff are friendly and very helpful.  All of them are always smiling.  One thing I noticed the most was that all the staff looked at us in the eyes when speaking to us about anything.  I know this is not the case in all physician offices.  The waiting time before the appointment was minimal as well as the wait time in the exam room.  Dr. Shell always greeted us pleasantly and explained everything that was going on with my aunt.  My aunt and I left the office feeling very satisfied and confident with Dr. Shell and his office staff. I have experienced many physician office visits and this experience with Dr. Shell was by far the best I have had.”  February 2012

“I want to thank Dr. Shell for the results of my surgery.  I am very pleased and happy with my surgery.  Dr. Shell is a very caring man.  He cares about his patients in a Christian manner and I appreciate it.  Thank you so much Dr. Shell.” 

“One of my arms was bigger than the other one.  My clothes didn’t fit well.  After losing a lot of weight, I came to Dr. Shell to have the excess skin removed from my upper arms.  Dr. Shell and his staff took the time to answer all my questions about my surgery.  The surgery was a success.  Should I decide to have any more reconstructive surgery, I will use Dr. Shell.”

“Dr. Shell and his staff have been so wonderful to me through the whole process of my breast reduction surgery.  The surgery completely changed the way I feel about myself.  Before surgery, I had neck and shoulder pain and could not wear certain things because they just did not fit right.  I was certainly not able to go to the store and buy a normal size bra.  Now that Dr. Shell has performed the surgery on me, I can do all those things that I haven’t been able to do for so long and I have no more pain.  I highly recommend Dr. Shell for any and all of your plastic surgery needs.  You will not regret it.”  

“In May 2010, I had a malignant melanoma mole appear on my left nostril that had to be removed.  Dr Shell was needed in case they had to take off more of my nostril than what they thought they would have to remove.

From the first time I met Dr. Shell and his staff, they became like family to me.  They always made me feel like I was the most important patient that they were seeing.  I was extrememly scared throughout the entire process and they always calmed my fears and made me feel more relaxed.

Dr. Shell actually ended up having to do a second and a third surgery.  The third surgery consisted of him doing a procedure called a “flap” where he took skin from my forehead and brought it down to replace the area on my nose.  After this procedure, I wondered if I would ever look like myself again.  Dr. Shell kept promising that in the end it would all look like normal again, but I could not imagine how.

Amazingly, after going through weeks allowing the skin that was brought to my nose to start its own blood flow, Dr. Shell was able to detach the skin from my forehead and this is where I began to transform back into myself.  Dr. Shell did a wonderful job on my nose and you can barely even tell that I have had surgery on it.

Dr. Shell and his staff always called to check on me in between visits many times which let me know that they really cared about my progress.  He always asked about my family by name which always let me know that I wasn’t just another patient, but a real person.  I could not have asked for a better outcome and a more caring person to take me through the process that I had to go through.  Dr. Shell and his staff will always have a very special place in my heart, and I will forever be grateful for what he did for me.”

“The atmosphere at Shell Plastic Surgery is professional and personal.  I have never had to sign in or tell anoyone what my name is upon arriving for an appointment; I wave at the administrative personnel upon entering and am greeted with warm hellos and pleasant attiditues.  Although wait time has been minimal, if at all, Dr. Shell has consisitently seemed at ease and unrushed during each visit, making time for any questions I may have.  I would recommend Shell Plastic Surgery without hesitation.  Dr. Shell and his support staff put the “care” in medical care.”   

“I have fibrocystic disease.  The reason I came to Dr. Shell is because I had a double mastectomy and needed reconstructive surgery.

My experience wth Dr. Shell and his staff was the greatest experience I’ve ever had in a patient and doctor relationship.  Everyone made me feel comfortable as I walked into the office.  Everyone was very encouraging and respectful.  Dr. Shell was also full of respect for me as his patient.  I didn’t know what to expect, but everything turned out wonderfully.

I was scared and didn’t know anyone at that moment, but as time has gone on my experiences with them have been great.  Dr. Shell is a wonderful and caring doctor who is experienced and professional enough to make everyone feel good and better about themselves.

Through all of my pain and agony I have gone through, in the end, Dr. Shell and his staff have fixed what was broken in me.  They made me feel better and confident about myself again.  I would say to anyone, Do whatever it takes to feel better about you.  Because in the end, it’s about you and your way back to life.”

“My experience after having breast cancer was very smooth.  Dr. Dan Shell assisted Dr. Hubert Spears during my mastectomy in order to prep for my breast reconstruction.  My insurance covered everything and I spent a lot of time under Dr. Shell’s care.  He would not let me be in pain.  His staff is the nicest and sweetest group of young ladies I have ever met.

Another thing I loved about Dr. Dan’s office was when you had an appointment, I didn’t have to wait long to see him.  When I am finished with my reconstructive process, I will miss coming to see them every other week.

It was a joy being his patient!”

3D Photographic Simulation Brings a New Dimension to Plastic Surgery at Shell Plastic Surgery.

Vectra 3D imaging has revolutionized the way plastic surgeons perform a consultation. Moving beyond traditional photography to a 3-dimensional view allows you and your surgeon to get an extremely accurate picture of the expected results that can be achieved. With this technology, we can see the expected results from multiple angles, as if you were looking at them in person or in the mirror.

Vectra Imaging