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Breast Reduction in Oxford, MS

Breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty) surgery is a very common procedure designed to relieve the discomfort associated with disproportionately large breast size. Women are frequently burdened by strain on their back, neck, and shoulders as well as frictional irritation of the breasts on the chest wall. Disproportionately large breast size often limits one’s ability to exercise and may cause significant social anxiety. Breast reduction surgery reduces the weight of the breasts and reshapes the breast into a more uplifted position. The results of breast reduction surgery are a smaller breast size and a shape that is more proportionate to the patient’s body. Breast reduction improves the patient’s ability to exercise efficiently and has significant benefits on their emotional health.

Dr. Shell performs a variety of breast procedures in Northern Mississippi, helping to change lives for the better. 

Am I a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Candidates for breast reduction include women whose breast size is disproportionately large compared to their body habitus. Breast reduction surgery has profound physical and psychological benefits for the patient. Not only do patients experience relief of back, neck, and shoulder strain, but they also experience improvement in exercise tolerance and emotional well-being.

During the consultation, Dr. Shell will work with compassion and detail to assess whether you are an appropriate candidate for breast reduction surgery. Patient safety is our highest priority, and Dr. Shell will review your records and discuss all previous medical issues with you prior to your procedure.

Will Insurance Cover Breast Reduction Surgery?

Insurance companies vary in their coverage criteria for breast reduction surgery. During your initial consultation, Dr. Shell will evaluate your medical history and take measurements. He will estimate the amount of breast tissue to be removed and determine if you qualify for insurance coverage. Most insurance companies require Dr. Shell to submit a letter supporting the benefits and medical necessity of the procedure. Once a decision is made by the insurance carrier (usually takes two to three weeks ), we will work with you on scheduling a convenient date.

Before & After

Breast Reduction before and after. Front facing
Breast Reduction before and after. Side facing


  • How Is Breast Reduction Performed?

    Breast reduction begins with the appropriate administration of anesthesia. Dr. Shell will make a circular incision around the areola that extends down the lower pole of the breast in an inverted-T-like shape. Excess fat and tissue will be removed from the breast while the remaining tissue is reshaped. The nipple/areola complex is left in continuity with a pedicle of breast tissue. Dr. Shell utilizes a superomedial pedicle technique, which enables him to lift and shape the breasts maintaining natural fullness and projection to the lower pole of the breast. Drains are not used during the procedure, and the sutures that are placed underneath the skin dissolve on their own. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately three to four hours.

  • What Will My Breast Reduction Recovery Be Like?

    Depending on the patient’s medical history and length of travel, they may either be discharged home or stay overnight.

    First Several Days

    Your breasts will be bandaged and dressed. The bandages stay in place until you are seen for a follow-up five days after surgery. During this time, the patient should rely on sponge baths around the bandages and refrain from driving. After the bandages are removed, the patient will be left with small steri-strips on the incisions. These stay for an additional two weeks. Patients may drive and shower after the dressings are removed during the first visit.

    Patients may return to light-duty work after five days. Patients are restricted for strenuous activity and any lifting greater than 10 pounds for three weeks after surgery.

    Patients often return to work, school, and more non-strenuous activities after one week.

    First Three Weeks

    The patient is seen again three weeks after surgery. At this visit, the remaining steri-strips are removed. Patients will notice a gradual improvement in soreness and a greater tolerance for physical activity. The majority of patients are able to return to work by this time. The swelling is beginning to resolve. Patients are instructed to refrain from running or impact exercises that would result in the movement of the breasts for an additional three weeks.

    Three Months After Surgery

    The patient is seen for a final visit three months after surgery. “After” pictures are taken at this time. The patient has typically fully recovered by this time and is released.

  • What Will My Breast Reduction Results Be Like?

    Breast reduction results are considered long lasting. Patients can expect their breasts to be lifted and substantially lighter. While Dr. Shell helps you establish a restored and balanced figure, the human body is still susceptible to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal factors, and gravity. To increase the probability of stable, long-standing results, patients are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program.

  • Can I Combine A Breast Reduction with a Breast Lift?

    Breast reduction surgery is often combined with breast lift surgery to correct the skin laxity that can occur from large and heavy breasts. Breast lift surgery is uniquely designed to elevate and reposition the breasts to reverse drooping or sagging. Additionally, a combined breast lift can correct downward-pointing areolas. By combining these two procedures, patients can maximize their results, enjoying a transformative appearance in how they look and feel. 

Interested in Breast Reduction in Oxford, Mississippi?

Dr. Dan Shell is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing breast reduction and other breast procedures. If you are considering breast reduction, Dr. Shell would be privileged to sit down with you and carefully explain the breast reduction process in detail. Shell Plastic Surgery proudly serves patients in and around Northern Mississippi. Please fill out our contact form or call (662) 236-6465 to set up a consultation today.