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Your skin won’t always look the way it did in your twenties. Eventually, we all struggle with our own skincare issues, from poor pigmentation to stubborn acne scars. However, with just an hour-long treatment, you can look and feel up to ten years younger without missing a day from your normal routine. Find out how our licensed aestheticians can help refresh your appearance with the SkinPen micro-needling device in Oxford.


What if you could look up to ten years younger, with a brighter, smoother complexion in less than an hour? SkinPen can help make your skincare goals a reality with its revolutionary, non-surgical micro-needling procedure. Even the most stubborn skin concerns like burns and acne scars can be dramatically improved with SkinPen.

Patients who have undergone a SkinPen treatment saw an improvement in:

  • Skin tone
  • Pore size
  • Skin firmness
  • Pigmentation
  • Scars

While SkinPen is most common for treatment of the face, it can also be used to improve the look of skin on the neck and chest.


The SkinPen is a small, pen-like device that features twelve tiny rotating stainless steel needles at the end. The aestheticians can change the length of these needles depending on the treatment site, allowing them to reach even the hardest curves and contours.

During your procedure, the SkinPen creates thousands of tiny incisions. These microscopic wounds are impossible to see with the naked eye and work to stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen. Collagen is a protein found in skin that helps maintain a firm and youthful look and feel. Over time, the new collagen will help to improve various skin imperfections. Unlike some laser treatments which can thin the skin, SkinPen helps to achieve a thicker, healthier layer of skin.


Whether you want to look your best for an upcoming event or simply want to maintain a youthful appearance as you get older, SkinPen is a great non-surgical option.

Immediately following your SkinPen treatment, there will be some redness and puffiness—similar to the appearance of a mild sunburn. This should fade over the first three days and should not be serious enough to keep you from your normal routine. Most patients are able to continue their usual activity after soon after their SkinPen treatment.

Our patients are often thrilled with their results and return for regular treatments to maintain their youthful appearance. Many men and women say their treatment leaves them looking and feeling up to ten years younger than before SkinPen.


Give us a call to schedule your SkinPen consultation with one of our licensed aestheticians.