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CoolSculpting®Elite in Oxford, MS

Many individuals have trouble with fatty pockets throughout their bodies that are resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting®Elite is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment that targets and eliminates stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits to reveal a slimmer, more defined physique.

CoolSculpting®Elite is the newest addition to the CoolSculpting® line of devices. Like the original CoolSculpting®, CoolSculpting®Elite is a versatile treatment designed to remove fatty deposits from the abdomen, arms, hips, thighs, knees, buttocks, and chin through a controlled cooling process known as cryolipolysis. But what sets CoolSculpting®Elite apart is the new design. Unlike the original CoolSculpting® device, CoolSculpting®Elite has two applicators, allowing you to treat two areas simultaneously. With CoolSculpting®Elite, you can reap the benefits of non-invasive fat reduction with less treatment time.

Another advantage that CoolSculpting®Elite has over the original CoolSculpting® treatment is its improved precision. With seven different applicators, each designed to target specific areas of your body, you can enjoy targeted fat reduction nearly anywhere. The applicators have been updated to move along your body’s contours more efficiently, and the cooling panels cover almost 18% more surface area for better results in less time.

One of the most significant advantages that CoolSculpting®Elite has over the original device is that it can eradicate even more fat than before. On average, CoolSculpting®Elite eliminates 20–25% of unwanted fat cells per session. This significantly improved over the original CoolSculpting® treatment, which could only eliminate 18–20% of excess fat cells.

No matter the aesthetic obstacles and cosmetic issues you may face, the experts at Shell Plastic Surgery are sure to devise an effective strategy to transform and enhance your unique body contours.

Shell Plastic Surgery offers CoolSculpting®Elite to women and men in North Mississippi.

Am I a Candidate For CoolSculpting®Elite?

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There are two different types of fat. Visceral fat surrounds the organs and is often lost with diet and exercise. Subcutaneous fat is the stubborn layer of cells that sits just beneath the skin. Unfortunately, this type of fat is not always easy to lose naturally. CoolSculpting®Elite candidates are those who are looking to minimize their subcutaneous fat deposits.

Many CoolSculpting®Elite candidates are women and men who have accumulated fat due to pregnancy, age, poor lifestyle habits, or genetics. CoolSculpting®Elite can be performed on women who desire to resculpt their body shape after pregnancy or significant weight loss, while men typically want to redefine a more athletic midsection.

Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting®Elite should also be in good overall health, have no underlying conditions, and be near their goal weight. It is also recommended that women consider waiting for their CoolSculpting®Elite until after they have had all their children. Pregnancy and the associated weight gain can alter the effects of your CoolSculpting®Elite results and create new fat deposits around the midsection.

If CoolSculpting®Elite is not an adequate solution, Dr. Shell offers other options, such as liposuction or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Patients with successful results from massive weight loss may find different alternatives for body contouring better suited to their needs. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Shell believes that it is his duty to ensure that the proper aesthetic treatment matches his patients’ aesthetic goals.

Will Insurance Cover CoolSculpting®Elite

CoolSculpting®Elite is a cosmetic procedure, and most cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance; however, there are many ways to finance your treatment. During your consultation, the experts at Shell Plastic Surgery will examine your medical background and take measurements to assess the amount of fat removal and the areas for which the fat will be taken. They will then provide an estimate for your treatment, which can be considered when you speak with a financing company regarding your qualifications and payment options. Once a choice is made with the company you finance with, we will work with you to schedule a convenient date for your CoolSculpting®Elite procedure.

How Is CoolSculpting®Elite Performed?

Once the patient is comfortable, the external CoolSculpting®Elite applicators are gently clamped to the skin, and controlled cooling penetrates the underlying fat cells of the targeted area. CoolSculpting®Elite is unique in its ability to isolate treatment areas, ensuring that the surrounding cells and tissue are not affected or damaged by the cooling process.

The frozen fat cells die and are slowly metabolized and eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.

Because it takes some time for your body to flush out the targeted cells naturally, you will typically notice a significant reduction in the fatty appearance of your problem areas in two to four months. However, in some cases, results may show up sooner. Depending on your aesthetic goals, you may undergo multiple CoolSculpting®Elite treatments to maximize the technique’s effectiveness and associated fat loss.

CoolSculpting®Elite treatments do not require anesthesia or sedation, so that patients can drive themselves home after treatment.

What Will My CoolSculpting®Elite Recovery Be Like?

One of the best features of CoolSculpting®Elite is the recovery process. With no downtime, the original CoolSculpting® device set the bar as one of the most convenient fat reduction procedures. CoolSculpting®Elite also requires zero downtime, meaning there are no restrictions to your physical activity after treatment. This ensures that patients can resume their regular routines immediately and lift, pull, or push heavy objects without risk of any complications.

Some redness, tingling, itching, or temporary numbness may occur, but these side effects are usually minimal and will resolve quickly.

What Will My CoolSculpting®Elite Results Be Like?

You will begin to see the results of your CoolSculpting®Elite treatment in the weeks and months after your session as your body processes and removes the dead fat cells. As long as patients maintain healthy habits that stabilize their weight, the success of their results should be long-lasting.

Will I Need to Combine CoolSculpting®Elite With Other Cosmetic Enhancements?

Some men and women who undergo CoolSculpting®Elite may benefit from additional surgical body contouring treatments. In some cases, removing fat can result in loose excess skin around the treatment area. To further enhance your slimmer silhouette, you may choose to combine your CoolSculpting®Elite treatment with another procedure like liposuction, male breast reduction, body contouring surgery after significant weight loss, or an arm lift.

Frequently Asked Questions About CoolSculpting®

  • Are there any risks associated with CoolSculpting®Elite?

    There are no significant risks with CoolSculpting®Elite. However, you may experience temporary loss of sensation in the treatment area and minor swelling, redness, or itching. These effects are minor and resolve quickly on their own.

  • Can pregnancy reverse CoolSculpting®Elite results?

    The fat cells eliminated during your CoolSculpting®Elite treatment will not return. However, weight gain during pregnancy causes remaining fat cells to expand, negatively affecting your results. As the body changes during pregnancy, new fat will reshape your contours. CoolSculpting®Elite is recommended after you have had all your children and reached a stable, healthy weight.

  • Why should I choose Shell Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting®Elite?

    At Dr. Shell’s practice, patient-oriented and personalized care are essential. Dr. Shell and his team have years of professional experience performing body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting®Elite and will listen carefully to your cosmetic concerns and desires to help ensure stunning results.

Interested in CoolSculpting® in Oxford, Mississippi?

If you are considering CoolSculpting®, the experts at Shell Plastic Surgery would be happy to sit down with you and carefully discuss each area of the body CoolSculpting® can be applied. Please fill out our contact form or call (662) 236-6465 to set up a consultation today.