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Arm Lift


As we age, most of us experience a loss of skin elasticity in the upper arm region. This effect can be compounded for those who have lost a significant amount of body weight. Exercise may strengthen and improve the underlying muscle tone, but it cannot address skin that has lost its elasticity.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dan Shell is proud to offer arm lift procedures to men and women who feel insecure about excess skin or fat deposits in their upper arms. By performing this surgery, Dr. Shell can improve the contour of your arms.

Who is the Right Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

If you feel self-conscious about the underside of your upper arms, an arm lift may be right for you. Arm lift surgery can effectively:

  • Reduce excess skin and fat on your underarm
  • Reshape the contour of your arm
  • Create a more toned appearance

Ideal candidates should be willing to accept some visible scarring on their underarm resulting from surgery. During your examination with Dr. Shell, he will be able to determine if arm lift surgery is right for you based on your medical history, current medications, and aesthetic goals.

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Before and After Arm Lift


There are numerous factors to consider before committing to any cosmetic surgery. Below is a list of frequently asked questions associated with arm lift surgery:

How does arm lift surgery work?

Arm lift surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and typically requires two to three hours. Dr. Shell will begin by making an incision in the inner part of your upper arm. The incision will extend toward your elbow. A combination of liposuction and excision (removal by cutting) will be used to gently tighten and reshape the contour of your arms. Sutures will then be placed to close the incisions.

What can I expect during recovery?

The recovery period can vary, but typically lasts two to four weeks. You will need to wear a compression garment around your arms for several days to minimize swelling and promote healing. Significant bruising and swelling may be present for up to two weeks. Arm mobility will be limited during recovery, and Dr. Shell may prescribe pain medication to help you manage discomfort.

Are the results permanent?

The results of your arm lift procedure will be long-lasting, but an arm lift cannot halt the natural aging process. Over time, the skin on your upper arms may again begin to change and lose elasticity. If you remain active and maintain a stable weight, the results of your arm lift should be relatively permanent.

Are there any risks associated with arm lift surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with an arm lift. Dr. Shell will discuss all of these potential risks with you in detail. Some complications may include infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia, excessive bleeding, fluid accumulation or unwanted scarring.

Why should I choose Dr. Shell for arm lift surgery?

During your consultation, Dr. Shell will listen carefully to your concerns, ensuring that all treatments are customized to meet your goals. He uses the latest technology in a comfortable and confidential setting. Dr. Shell is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Surgery. He is a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

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