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Chin Surgery (Mentoplasty) in Oxford, MS

An underdeveloped chin can throw off your facial balance and symmetry, negatively affecting your other features. Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to reshape the chin, either with a surgical implant or by reducing the bone size.

Chin surgery is beneficial for people looking to achieve more harmonious facial features.

Am I a Candidate for Chin Surgery?

Chin augmentation is performed to improve the symmetry of your facial features. You may be a good candidate for chin augmentation if:

  • Your facial growth is complete
  • You are self-conscious about the size or shape of your chin
  • You feel your chin is too small or too large compared to your other features
  • Your chin is not symmetrical

Dr. Shell can determine if your goals can be achieved through chin surgery during your consultation. Please be prepared to discuss your medical history, current medications, previous surgeries, and social habits with Dr. Shell.

Once you are confirmed as a candidate, Dr. Shell will create a surgical plan based on your needs.

How Is Chin Augmentation Performed?

Chin augmentation is typically completed in less than an hour using general anesthesia.

For implant surgery, Dr. Shell will begin by making a small incision inside your mouth (along the lower lip) or in the patch of skin just beneath your chin to create a pocket for implant insertion along the lower jaw. Once the implant has been secured, sutures will be placed, and your chin will be taped to reduce swelling.

For bone reshaping, Dr. Shell makes a small incision inside the mouth (near the lower lip) or in the skin just under the chin area. Using specialized tools, Dr. Shell will detach the bone at the tip of the chin. The bone will be reshaped to create a more appropriate facial contour and then reattached to the chin using wires and plates. The incision site will be closed with sutures.

What Is the Recovery From Chin Surgery Like?

Chin surgery recovery may take several weeks. Immediately following surgery, Dr. Shell will provide you with specific aftercare and hygiene instructions.

You will experience some discomfort and swelling for several days in the affected area. However, this can be managed with over-the-counter or prescription pain medication.

Patients can often return to work within a week after surgery.

Are Chin Augmentation Results Permanent?

The results of chin surgery will permanently alter your underlying facial anatomy. Though chin implants may be removed at a later date, porous implants are difficult to remove.

Chin surgery should only be considered if you wish to permanently change the size or shape of your chin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Surgery

There are numerous factors to consider before committing to any cosmetic surgery. Below is a list of frequently asked questions associated with chin surgery:

  • Why should I choose Dr. Shell for chin surgery?

    During your consultation, Dr. Shell will listen carefully to your concerns, ensuring that all treatments are customized to meet your goals. His practice uses the latest technology in a comfortable and confidential setting. Dr. Shell is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

  • Can any other procedures be performed with chin augmentation?

    Patients interested in correcting the appearance of their chin may benefit from additional cosmetic procedures.

    Procedures commonly performed in combination with chin surgery include:

  • What are the risks associated with chin surgery?

    Chin surgery is a generally safe procedure with little risk of complications. However, as with any surgery, risks are present.

    • Infection
    • Numbness
    • Risks

    Before surgery, Dr. Shell and his staff will explain all of the potential risks in detail.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from chin surgery, please contact Dr. Shell’s office at 662-236-6465 or fill out our online contact form.